Holiday Gifts for Dental Health

December 20, 2019

Hear us out before the “that’s boring!” protests—dental health holiday presents can actually be great gifts for your loved ones. Since we all need to brush our teeth, you know they’ll end up using it. And they can actually be fun if you keep an open mind.

Consider giving the gift of pearly whites this holiday season! To help get you inspired, we put together this dentist-approved holiday gift guide with 6 options for any budget.

Make Anyone on Your List Smile with These Oral Health Gift Ideas

  1. Electric toothbrushElectric Toothbrush ($20–$200): We think this is an especially great choice. Electric toothbrushes are the type of devices many people wouldn’t splurge on themselves, but using one would definitely improve their oral health. And if you didn’t know, subscription brush services like Quip are becoming increasingly popular, so you can rest assured your gift is on-trend.
  2. Sugar-Free Gum ($0.99 per pack): If you’re looking for some stocking-stuffers, remember to add sugar-free gum to your list. Chewing gum is great for oral health—it boosts saliva production which helps protects teeth from acids and sweets. Always choose sugar-free varieties since sugary gum will have the opposite effect!
  3. Travel Oral Care Kit ($15–$30): If you have a loved one who loves to travel, this is the perfect thoughtful gift. We recommend going the DIY route and build them a personalized kit yourself. Pick out a nice toiletry bag and add in a mini toothpaste tube, a toothbrush with a travel case, floss and an airplane-sized bottle of mouthwash.
  4. Fancy Toothpaste ($10–$15): For those who love the finer, prettier things in life, toothpaste in beautiful packaging or interesting flavors could be a great option. Take a look online for some options you won’t find in the drugstore.
  5. Whitening Treatments ($30 – $500): For those on a budget, white strips and other over-the-counter products are great choices. However, if you want to go the extra mile, professional whitening treatments from your dentist are sure to make the recipient happy!
  6. Water flosserWater Flossers ($35–$120): If you’re a Queer Eye fan, you’ll know that Jonathan Van Ness frequently purchases water flossers for his clients. An alternative to traditional floss, water flossers floss teeth using water pressure. They tend to be more effective and comfortable, which many people prefer once they give one a try. You can tell your giftee that Jonathan recommended it.

Convinced about oral health-inspired gifts yet? We hope this gives you some ideas for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list. And if you’re feeling like you want to treat yourself this Christmas, new patients at our office qualify to receive a free take-home teeth whitening kit (a $300 value).

Happy holidays!